David Reed

born 1946, San Diego;
lives and works in New York

Conceptual and visual artist David Reed is an abstract painter, installation sculptor, and video artist whose artworks challenge the viewer by being at once attractive and repulsive— “eerie conundrums” in his words. Born in San Diego, California, Reed was inspired to study art by a teacher in undergrad and went on to attend the New York Studio School and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine, ultimately establishing a studio in New York City. Through his work, Reed explores conscious and unconscious time alongside human emotion. Likened to the religious lighting of the Baroque periods, Reed’s intense color palettes suggest a contemporary form of technological light with the directionless luminosity of a computer screen. In format, his oblong and vertical paintings resemble photographic and cinematic films, and at times, Reed has inserted his paintings onto the screens themselves.



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